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Enjoy books with a twist?


Do you relish elements of mystery?

Ready to be on a rollercoaster of emotions?

We Have Shadows Too is a brilliant book filled with shadows and secrets which drew me in, and on one occasion left me lying in a bath of cold water, because I had to read on.

five star rating fiction novel

Beautifully written. This book was recommended, and although it is not my usual read, I was gripped all the way through. It is powerful and engaging, and it's up there on my book recommendations list.

Psychological fiction novel exploring repressed memory and past trauma

what have you hidden from yourself?

we all keep secrets...

who should read it

if you...

  • appreciate a layered fictional story with psychological suspense

  • are interested in learning more about repressed memories, PTSD, and mental health

  • enjoy therapy dialogue, starling revelations, and journeying with the character

  • are a mental health professional

  • know a trauma survivor

  • embrace a story of triumph and overcoming overwhelming odds

this book is for you

five star review for we have shadows too

If only I had read this years ago. This book can truly change lives. Read it and pass it on to anyone you care about.

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about the author

Nicole Smith writer

A prolific writer of both fiction and nonfiction, Nicole is an author as dedicated to her writing as she is with treating her patients. She brings difficult topics to light in both a sensitive and evocative way, transporting the reader deep into the story, and right alongside the characters.


"...the author deals with her character’s psychological unstitching with empathy and understanding, which could only come from the writer’s own clinical experience in helping clients suffering from trauma."

five star review psychological suspense book

Captivated me ... I finished it on the second day at 1:30 in the morning.

An intelligent and thought inspiring story shows the reader that they are not alone with the trauma they feel isolates them.

We Have Shadows Too psychological fiction novel
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