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a new idea



they come to me

In my sleep

characters speak

worlds rise

Folded in their senses

Life a rotating hourglass

with story at the center

Nicole T. Smith, L.Ac.

Author | Acupuncturist | Adventurer

Nicole's writing career began at age five. A lifelong passion, she has written in many genres in both fiction and nonfiction. Her latest novel, We Have Shadows Too, explores the repercussions of trauma, the psychological layers of the mind, the invisible scars we carry, and secrets we hide even from ourselves.

An acupuncturist and founder of The Pampered Porcupine Acupuncture, she firmly believes in helping the body restore its innate ability to heal itself, allowing recovery from the damage incurred from past trauma, misuse, medications, or simply - life.


+1 860-450-6512

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